Beni Ourain Rug – SIZE: 250 x 163 – Free Shipping


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Beni Ourain –  pure wool rug



Beni Ourain – Stunning vintage, pure wool rug

Do you like traditional styles? Do you want a rug that can be passed down through generations? Then we have something amazing for you. Beni Ourain Rugs are the most comfortable rugs you’ll ever set foot on.


SIZE: 250 x 163

REGION: Beni Ourain

CIRCA: 1980’s

SHIPPING direct to you from Marrakesh, Morocco, via FedEx

Beni Ourain rugs are the prized darlings of Moroccan Berber Rugs. They originate from the Beni Ourain province in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Handmade from fine grade mountain sheep’s wool, our vintage Azilals most often feature a soft, natural ivory wool background with vibrant coloured motifs and geometric designs. Beni Ourain carpets range in thickness and density – most are quite thick and warm with a lush texture and feel. The colours and designs in each carpet are chosen by the Berber women weavers as free-form creative expression.  Genuine vintage Beni Ourain rugs are RARE and were almost unheard of in the market place until the 90’s. From Paris to USA to Tokyo…many galleries exhibit Beni Ourain and other Moroccan rugs as works of art. Artists such as Matisse, Paul Klee and Le Corbussier have all been inspired by these gorgeous creations. Each rug becomes a functional piece of modern art for either the wall or the floor….the choice is yours.


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