The fashion trend is growing at a very rapid rate in the present situation. This shift in mode and a trend reflected clients ‘ requirements and needs. Because of their classicism and uniqueness, Rugs have produced their influential position for thinking about home decoration. The market offers a broad range of rugs. However, among many rugs, Moroccan Berber Rug is the most admirable item of craft. You will discover these Beni Ourain Rugs as an essential element of every renowned magazine of interior design.


The citizen of Morocco weaved these rugs. Most of these folks have shifted to the lower premises, while at the peak of the hills there are still a certain proportion of people. We call these citizens as the Moroccan Tribe, which comprises 17 Berber clans.


In this Tribe, mostly females are used to weave these artifacts. Mostly all comprise geometric forms and sizes. Authentic Moroccan Rugs arrive in shades of cream and brown because no artificial colors were used by the artisans. Some clans preferred the color, however; they only used natural colors like henna, almond leaves, indigo, etc. The symbols in these rugs portray their day-to-day operations such as marriage, signs of an excellent fortune, pregnancy, and much more.

They produced the genuine Beni Ourain Rug, not over 7 feet, but artisans are creating an ever larger and colorful carpet to satisfy supply and demand with a shift in requirements and desires of clients. The aim of these ornamental pieces, however, was not to decorate the house in the mid-century. Initially, these made for the purpose of bedding and flooring to endure in the rough and cool climate of the hills.

These have always been a part of evoking sets of any individual before decorating their home. To give any room a classy and worm feel these are significant choice of every interior designer. Because of the increasing supply of these artifacts businesses are creating them decorative products. They are failing to maintain the real fact of these Moroccan rugs. While there are still some marketplaces such as; The Artisan House, where you can purchase Moroccan Rugs online.

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